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Our Orthodox Casket Selection

Our all-wood casket selections have been developed in cooperation with rabbinical experts on Jewish funeral practices and conform to the highest standards of Jewish law. They are hand crafted using only the finest natural hardwoods and approved organic glues, without the use of any metal parts or fasteners, whatsoever. The caskets shown on this and the preceding page are provided by Batesville Casket Company and are proudly made in the United States.

Unfinished 041MUnfinished 22LClear 22LBuckeye 041MBuckeye 041MClear 043MNut Brown 064MFluted 064Buckeye 043MRed 043MPine Unfinished 485Nutmeg 539LPoplar 604Railess 216Oak Matte 044BOak Timber 344Buckeye 218Maple Mink 360Oak Railess 216Maple Lexington 358Cherry MajesticMahogany SunkistCherry Railess 216Walnut 660Mahogany 448